Monday, March 20, 2006


i may have to give up my guilty pleasure - US Weekly - cuz its bad for my karma. recently i've had my own run in with gossip and it was none too pleasant. it's a very disheartening experience to have friends serve as "unnamed sources" in disclosing/discussing your personal business as if your private discussions and interactions are fair game for public disposal.

two years ago i mentioned a new interest to one of my friends in passing. two years later it was brought to my attention as being one of the determining factors as to why my ex decided to pursue the young woman he is now engaged to. recently, in very similar circumstances, i shared something with a "friend" to have it come back to me as one of the reasons someone decided to call it quits with me.

it seems that i'm better off talking to complete strangers about my business and personal interactions because my friends are doing more harm than good when it comes to helping me maintain my happiness. from now on i'm going to take my own advice and Mind My Business and hopefully other people will follow my lead.


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