Sunday, March 05, 2006

from sexless to speechless

jordan (juicy j) houston, cedric (crunchy black) coleman and paul (dj paul) beauregard (aka Three 6 Mafia) performed the nominated "hard out here for a pimp" on the 78th annual academy awards!!! THREE 6 MAFIA, with dc's own taraji p. henson, gave the oscar's most "urban" performance ever and (through either practical joke or honest voting) won a m'in' f'in' oscar!!!! jon stewart summed up the feelings of confusion and pure illogical nature of these award shows "for those of you keeping score at home - martin scorsese, zero; three 6 mafia, one". in other words - WTF?

congratulations to all of the winner's, including the cast of crash!!! with jon stewart and ben stiller and all of the other crazy moments of the night - this was the most entertaining academy awards in years.


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Hip Hop is errrryywhere! I LOVE it!

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