Thursday, February 23, 2006

10 times 3 pt. II

so here's my next top ten list . . .


  1. peapod is the best thing that ever happened to city dwellers - EVER!!!
  2. shani davis doesn't have to be a team player - he's an only child - ONLY CHILDREN UNITE!
  3. notice to myself - being late for work three days out of the week is not cute - procrastination is for undergrads!
  4. one martini will get you nice -- three will get you laid, nicely - HA!
  5. men wake up one day and decide to get married, romance is a crock of BS - PERIOD, POINT BLANK!
  6. oprah is so rich she's beautiful . . .
  7. there should not be a tanning salon in DC's U Street district - its just wrong to have a tanning bed in the home of DC's renaissance . . .
  8. tyler perry may dress like a woman, but he's fine and rich as hell, therefore he can dress in drag anytime he wants . . . he'd still get it
  9. brokeback mountain wasn't as bad as people made it out to be - can you say AWARD WORTHY!
  10. chris brown and omarion are too cute to be so young - i'mma start robbing the cradle . . .


Blogger the expressive one said...

blog lists are the best!!! :o) i'm sexless in the city. i wish i had thought of that blog name. well done!

8:44 AM  
Blogger diva527 said...

AMEN to chris brown!!!!

8:47 AM  
Blogger FlyyGirl said...

You are sooo right about C. Brown! My friend and I actually had a discussion the other day about whether it would be right to fuck him. You know, with him being 16 and all. The sad thing is, we actually decided it would be okay since he's famous!! Jail, here we come! Lolol

10:38 AM  

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