Saturday, January 28, 2006

countdown . . . are you ready?

so i will be waking up in a few hours to embark on a journey that less than 1% of the population actually completes -- my very first marathon.

so i'm nervous about several things . . . my mental and physical preparation . . . whether or not i ate too much mac and cheese over the past week . . .if my new knee injury is going to effect my performance at all . . . how long the run will take . . . and what time i'll finish.

training for four months was more than worth it, i mean, who wouldn't want to lose weight, tone up and increase endurance. i also had the opportunity to meet a lot of really nice people and come on I FOUND A JOB because of it, and that came right on time.

hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and we will have a dry run, i'm super excited and ready for this to be OVER!


Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Good luck!!!!!!

6:03 PM  
Blogger FlyyGirl said...

You are so right about C. BroWn. My friend and I actually had a debate the other day about whether it would be right to fuck him or not. You know, with him being 16 and all. The sad thing is we decided it would be okay since he's famous! LOLOL

10:35 AM  

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