Monday, November 06, 2006

a weekend of good times

so my weekend was pretty cool - very busy and productive. friday night i attended a fenty for mayor event, who can turn down wine, cheese and poli talk?

saturday i left my house at 10 AM had brunch in adam's morgan with some friends, left the morgan (which is so odd during daylight hours when you think of all the foolishness that takes place when the sun goes down) and worked at the campaign office from 12:45 to 8 PM - yeah, i'm puttin in my time.

after leaving there i met up with another group of girs for dinner at one of my favorite spots - busboys and poets - for a collegemates birthday. that dinner was fabulous, although my meatloaf was super dry and not as tasty as the waiter told me it would be, but i was hungrier than a hostage, so i had to take one of the team. i walked back in my house at 12:45 AM. LONG DAY and good times. nothing like an evening with the ladies discussing the troubles of natural hair and being a single woman in the city to top off a night.

my sunday was el fabulous . . . my girl came over to blow out my hair for my evening. the redskins beat the cowboys - 'nuff said. i met up with my girls to see robin thicke and john legend at crampton. sorry to say that i was excited about seeing robin since i am diggin his album a heluva lot more than john's sophomore disappointment. there are songs that i like on once again, but it just doesn't jive like get lifted. robin on the other hand brings it from beginning to end, which is why i missed the first song and a half of john's performance to take a picture with RT . . . good times.

now its monday and its back to the grind.


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