Wednesday, September 27, 2006

recent developments

well the past few days have been rather newsworthy . . .

anna nicole's baby is now being claimed by her lawyer, howard k. stern. if she hadn't suffered a recent loss, i'd suggest taking it to maury and having an down and dirty hour of "who's her baby daddy?" it would be a nice change of pace to have the guys take a girl own and both wanna claim the baby versus the usual "let me bring 15 men on the show
and not a single one of them be the father . . . "

the stress of life, ridicule and responsibilty has finally caught up with T.O. apparently, T.O., unfortunately, attempted to commit suicide. thankfully an unidentified friend was with him shortly after he'd taken the pills and interviened. life is not easy and depression is not a joke. i'm glad T.O. had someone there to step in and show him the love that he felt he lacked. be easy T.O. and know that you are not alone.

unfortunately the sad news continues . . . rev. run and his wife justine lost their baby girl yesterday. my prayers go out to them and their family.

we are constantly reminded that life is precious . . . let someone know that you love them unconditionally, you never know what cards life has dealt them.


Blogger Molly Malone said...

This is all very sad, frankly. How heartbreaking all of these are, really. Sadder still that these folks don't get to grieve or contemplate in private. I hope MTV shows some respect for the family by not airing any of the hospital footage. I know the crews were invited, but still ...
bless all their hearts.

on another note: wouldn't it be great if all parents excitedly claimed their children because they're people, not just responsibilities?

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