Sunday, August 20, 2006

wiser words have never been spoken - actions speak louder than words

happy black august

i spent the weekend in atlanta. my girl had business to tend to and i went along for the ride to avoid sitting in my own misery. over the course of a day and a half i was inspired, enlightened and encouraged.

the lsat won't be so bad

in the 5 years since i left the gates of tougaloo college i've been toying with the idea of going to grad school, but never made any major steps to do anything real. recently i've been hit with the law school bug, so i've started the process of truly wrapping my brain around the idea. we shall see, i've been told that i have the ego to be a lawyer. would i be wrong to take that as a compliment?

48 laws of power . . .

my temper has been one of my pitfalls for many years - ask any of my friends. in a matter of moments i can switch from mary poppins to the hulk in 3.8 seconds flat when provoked. my weekend host and former college classmate is reading 48 laws of power and suggested i give it a look. one of the rules/explainations that jumped at me dealt with control of ones emotions. over the years i've gotten sooo much better at this, but its a daily battle for me. damn near spiritual warfare to put it mildly.

the most recent victim of my wrath was a dear friend. he and i have gone back in forth before, but this disagreement quickly switched from a colorful conversation to a one sided attack. in an effort to create a new wedge, i pushed him over the edge.

one of those rules said something to the effect of knowing when to stop. i wish i'd read that rule before and known when to shut the f*ck up. fasting and heated conversations with the love of your life don't mix. its a little late now to fix a heart that's broken . . .

cspan is best discussed at 1 AM

cspan ran a panel discussion about the state of the young black man in america with panelist such as bill cosby, raz baraka and the val and sal of a local high school, both yound black men. the discussion prompted an active conversation that has put the fire under me to do more with my free time than watch project runway or run my mouth on the phone.


Blogger --Tshombe said...

RE: 48 Laws
Anger is an emotion that WE as a people have to control. It's energy is weapon we can use if channeled right. You see rage is a weakness as well as a strength. I mean it like this, if you let people see what gets you roused then they will use it against you. However, if you channel it as energy towards something meaningful then it's like..."drawing out the diamond from coal."

Yeah 1a.m. is the right time if you trying to catch black people sleeping. Goes back to the quote "To hide something from blacks, put it in a book". I'm sure you get the corrilation...
But we have to find things productive to do with the time we say we don't have but do. YES go to grad school!

6:11 AM  
Blogger Molly Malone said...

temptres, if you have the gumption for law school, go for it! I think you would rock at it: you're so passionate, intelligent and compassionate. (that's my favorite trifecta.)
... and about controlling your temper, s one who's learning this constantly - you have to know which and when to pick your battles. you have to know how to own your anger and not let it own you. i must also defer to tshombe. he's right about the weapon/weekness thing. i have other thoughts on anger and temper (particularly opinions and passion) and when to use it, but that's a whole other blog entry someday ... and you've seen how good i've been with updating. (HA!)

btw, did you happen to hear NPR's series about black voices in modern leadership this past week? i think i only got to hear one or two. i wanted to hear the whole series, but was without a car (hence w/o radio) for a spell.

9:19 PM  

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