Friday, August 18, 2006

i stand corrected

apparently (and according to Young, Black, and Fabulous) ms. alexis "blank" is not the same chick he mentions on his first album. either way it goes, i wish them the best of luck and future blessings since hollywood couples aren't doing that well these days.

as I sit and listen to John Legend's "Ordinary People" and scroll through People's timeline of Star Breakups I'm reminded how difficult relationships can be no matter who you are. even with the support of family, friends and fans and having countless counselors at their disposal, celebs face the same problems we do in relationships, we're all human.

my last relationship was marvelous when it was good and horrific when it was bad, but overall, i'd never been as happy with anyone as I was with him. by no fault of our own, we were constantly involving other people in our issues and problems, and rarely included anyone in our happier times, making it difficult for anyone to offer the positive support we needed to handle negative situations.

in retrospect, one of our mutual friends made the statement that if the honeymoon phase isn't problem free then the relationship isn't worth the effort. i'd have to disagree. i think having trouble free days, weeks, month or even years sets false expectations and when a disagreement final comes up the "love" is blown out of the water.

based on my most recent experience i'd rather fight it out early to clean up any mess that would rear its ugly head later. in learning how to argue on the front end you're more likely to incorporate more positive communication habits later.

overall, unlike demi and aston, couples will fight and face the harsh reality of miscommunication, its how you weather the storm that counts in the long run. my hats go off to the couples who have mastered this and show the ordinary people how its really done. thoughts?


Blogger --Tshombe said...

All to often we (common folk) look at "stars" as perfect Gods(NOT) rather as human (Kinda what we do to Church Pastors). But Anyway, It's good that you at least knew happiness and to enjoy happiness you have to share it with positive people and when the waters are dark you have to close off that part of your relationship to everyone else...the more people that see that part of your relationship will be less forgiving when you need them for patching things.

Everything of value is worth fighting for, and love and marriage is a very high value.

You will know happiness again. When you know better, you do better"

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