Tuesday, May 30, 2006

just my luck

as my spring/summer luck would have it, i recently experienced a major set back in my effort to end the cycle with the little boy. i wanted to have an adult conversation to bring closure to our situation, but i was beaten to the punch by my own haste.

two tuesdays ago, the little boy allowed me to play house, due to my housing situation. after a lovely evening, i decided to change clothes in the closest bathroom. i grabbed clothes from the bag that i'd sloppily packed earlier that evening, picking up the first thing i saw that was remotely casual. after quickly changing, i reached to turn off the bathroom light and noticed that i'd dropped a sock that apparently fell out of the pants that i threw on. i picked up the black sock and went about my business with the little boy as usual . . .

the next evening while on my way to momma's house to pack for my trip to the 'sip, i called the little boy to shoot the shit. he promptly invited me and momma over so momma could see his new house. we take the grand tour and we leave shortly after. a good evening, or so i thought.

several hours later i receive a not so pleasent phone call from the little boy, here is the conversation:

Little Boy: we need to talk
NT: oooookay, about what?
LB: dude . . .
NT: oh, come on, why because we came over there, its not that deep, you invited us over
LB: naw, dude, you left your panties in my bathroom
NT: what, no, i did not
LB: yes you did, but you know what, don't worry about it
NT: what do you mean "don't worry about it", if i left my panties in your bathroom, it was completely unintentional
LB: naw, man, that was fucked up, don't worry about it . . . [click]

he hangs up in my face and sends me a text message to ensure i know that i am no longer welcome in his home. the text message exchange gets increasingly more heated and continues for the next 30 minutes. i call his home and cell to stop the texting madness and talk like two adults, but he sends my calls to voicemail. i continue to send messages explaining my position of embarrassment and innocence, to no avail.

my guess is that a chick came over and saw the panties and called him out on the panties . . . whatever the reason his response was completely uncalled for.

note to self: always check the floor for all of your stuff when changing clothes at psycho scorpio's house, you'll save your self a lot of drama in the long run . . .


Blogger VP of Dior said...

boo on him. it's his fault for not cleaning up if there was a girl over and boo for him to act like a little pussy.

12:05 PM  

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