Monday, April 17, 2006

one more time

well, it looks like we all survived easter - some of us more hungover than others, but hey, we all celebrate the resurrection of the Lord in our own special way.

just to backup and recap - loverboy broke my heart on my birthday (4/3). on wednesday (4/12) he calls all sweet and apologetic - being the sucka for a pitiful plea that i am, i, of course with false hesitation, decided to let him apologize in person. by thursday morning (4/13) he'd said he'd said his "i'm sorry" so well, i was making breakfast, yes breakfast during the middle of the week!!! i don't even do that for myself.

well, needless to say my weekend was low key, but nice. friday night, my new official happy hour with YB, was well spent at dragonfly, sipping martinis and eating some of the best affordable sushi in town. of course, being the glutton for punishment that i am, i decided that seeing loverboy wasn't such a bad thing since i'd seen him on wednesday/thursday. so during booty call hours (with no booty call in sight, seeing that it was lent and i'd given up sex) i let loverboy come over to "talk" - gotta love that late night talking. we had a lovely early morning with the usual spooning, hugging, talking, etc. there is something about him in the morning. having had several co-ed sleepovers, there are few people that you can actually say you enjoy waking up to, sex aside - you simply enjoy that person's company.

well, anyway, we lounge and lay around most of the morning, have a bowl of cereal and skip the lunch we'd planned. low and behold my momma decides to call - there is no reason not to take her call, loverboy won't say anything for her to know he's there, right? wrong. by the end of the conversation momma has assigned loverboy to be my driver to her middle of no where home. luckily, they'd met so there was some level of comfort, but 27 or not, who the hell wants their momma to know they are having sleepovers with a young man who isn't her boyfriend/fiance/husband, but hey, it is what it is.

once we arrive at momma's, the nervousness is non-existent and everybody is at ease, no funny feelings about "meeting the parents" because its not that deep, we're just friends, so its no big deal . . .

the highlight of the inquisition was loverboy looking over momma's x-rays because he's a PT and she's going to start physical therapy within the next week or so. gotta love having people in particular professions at the right moment - he was able to put me at ease about her spinal issues and prove that he knows a thing or two about what he does for a living, despite his age.

he leaves after about 45 minutes and of course i get the full interrogation since momma watched our private goodbye from the kitchen window. gotta love the cliche/movie'esq things that happen in real life. well after a few simple questions (do you like him?, does he like you?, do you use protection?) we got down to real business - cooking the easter feast.


Blogger Hustleman said...

LOL That's the difference between having a son and having a daughter. My mom does that type of stuff to my sister all the time. She doesn't really worry about my love

2:51 PM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

see that's why i make my boyfriends go through a lenghthy FBI-esque background check before meeting mom or dad.

8:27 PM  

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