Monday, April 10, 2006

now what

so it was release today that the there was no DNA match in the highly publicized alleged rape and assault case involving the Duke lacrosse team and a 27 year-old black woman.

what now?

did the young woman lie? in some reports the young woman arrived at the party

does the coach get his job back?

what happens to the emotions, racial tension and frustration that has tainted this community?

not to make light of this situation, but i see a Lifetime movie in the works . . .


Blogger Molly Malone said...

It could depend on how it's prosecuted. I know in Texas - or some parts thereof - the indictment of "rape" isn't limited to penile penetration.

Plus, just because there's no DNA left around doesn't mean that it didn't happen. The lawyer for the woman was saying he'll prosecute like did for years before DNA evidence: on testimony.

As for racial tensions and high emotions ... who knows?

9:27 PM  

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