Monday, January 02, 2006

all by myself . . .

i really do understand where AM was coming from when it comes to NYE. this NYE was the purrfect ending to a wack ass year.

a few weeks ago i asked one of my "friends" to join me for NYE festivities. did as much as i could to keep her in the loop regarding the event - even signed her up for the e-updates provided by the event planners . . . but to no avail and in the words of DC's former mayor, "that bitch [stood] me up . . ."

the tuesday before NYE i inquired about our plans, filled with excitement, i was hit with the news that she'd decided to go to NY for NYE. my question - when the hell was i gonna find out about this? to add insult to injury, not only had i spoken with her several times, but she'd also told other people of her plans, meaning that she intentionally didn't tell me . . . friends, how many of us have them.

i've make it a habit to treat people, especially my friends, with the "do unto others . . ." credo, out of respect, love and loyalty. i've come to the conclusion that some people just aren't worth the time or effort because they would never do the same for you.

needless to say, i prettied myself up, garnished enough gusto for 2 hours of smiles and went to the party, alone. luckily, i had my new beau to keep me warm via telephone (since he doesn't return to DC until mid-week).

despite the constant smacks in the face i received in 05, i have come to the conclusion that 2006 is going to be outstanding for me based on recent developments. as it stands right now i'm celebrating anew job, a (possible) new man and a very hopeful new year!!!


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