Monday, December 19, 2005

ready, ready, ready to run . . .

there are several things that i am proud of in my life. one, my ability to "bounce back" - if you looked up the word resilience you would find my smiling face.

this saturday i reached another milestone - i ran 20 miles. that 20 miles was more than marathon training; it was life training. there have been several significant events in my life that i sit and wonder "how did i gather the strength to get through that?" and this weekend was proof that my mental, spiritual and physical being are aligned.

when you start running in southwest, run the length of the Mall, take a brief tour of g'town and follow a boring ass trail to actually cross the MARYLAND STATE LINE you develop a new respect for your mind, body and spirit.

that 20 mile run allowed me to do what i set out to do; pushed myself to new limits and let go of the unnecessary attachment to my pseudo-ex.

i've accomplished a lot this year, so i can't complain . . . i observed black august - - and as my friends know i really like food, no i love food and i would marry food if i could. black august gave me a new respect for food and how it can be abused.

i didn't have sex for seven months . . . now, i'm not a harlot, but i have always had the option of having someone to do the grown-up with. even with the option, i put forth the effort not to have sex.

now with the 20 miles under my belt i am going into 2006 with a new outlook on life and what i've been doing with mine. i'm so ready for anything life tosses my way.


Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Run N Run! :)

You are my hero.

11:59 PM  

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