Wednesday, July 25, 2007

for all my fans who thought i was done . . .

please note that i'm just working like my life depends on it nowadays.

since starting my new job in January, my life and hours have taken a similar tone to the days of Hell a.k.a. WRG. i'm lucky to leave the office before 7 PM and i haven't seen a happy hour that wasn't work related in months. but all of this is not a complaint, aside from the 10 lbs i've put on with my regan building food court visits and late night dinners, rather a justification for the responsibilities and money i now have.

so in the coming days i'm going car shopping - a major fear of car ownership has to be tackled - and i'm looking for a condo!

DC is a fabulous city, so i have to buy my little piece of it, all 200K of it, sooner or later.

the army ten miler training began today - 11 weeks of training and hopefully 7-10 lbs lost. fingers crossed and positive thoughts in the air . . . oh and a 10 mile race completed, too.