Wednesday, November 15, 2006

See, that's the problem . . .

Now that mid-term elections are out of the way, the poli folks start handing out assignments to pat the dedicated people on the back. Pelosi has given her support to Murtha for his years of service, even though he was the underdog to MD's Hoyer - that tug of war makes sense, cause it comes down to whatever makes the folks happy behind closed doors, right?
What I don't understand is HOW IN THE HELL the Repubs can preach about wanting inclusiveness, etc. and elect this racist fool as minority whip? Oh, yeah, this is the same party that elected Bush to two terms.
Good ole boy Trent is from the great state of Mississippi (I do love my home state) and did have a few Katrina related issues (that's where my love for him stops), but he is not the face of "we respect black people" that the Red party needs right now. Umm, obviously the whole Michael Steele party of we are open to understanding the needs of America's minorities and want them to sit on this side of the isle deal was just a farce. To add insult to injury they offered the RNC top dog job to my fellow DC area catholic school graduate Mike, but dayum, Trent's job has too much pull for this to really balance out and be a good look for the Red team.
I'm all about common ground and finding balance so that despite the various stances that we take on the hundreds of moral or poli issues that help us determine our flying colors of red or blue. My friends know I'm more red than blue, but I even out to a nice shade of purple at the end of the day.

I guess the idea behind this dumb ass decision is to push the envelope as much as possible since the Dems have taken over - ummmmmm, what political strategist came up with that foolishness??? (it makes sense, but come on) - so that when Bush is out of office in 08 they still have a strong arm. These are the types of decisions that continue to push this country into political and race-based corners. WHAT THE HELL???


Blogger Matt said...

I enjoyed reading your interesting views and political comments.
Thanks and best wishes.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Molly Malone said...

re: Trent Lott - i hear you. unfortunately, i have basically no faith in the repub party, largely because of my democrat bias. however, i too dream of a more purple country and when i see the repubs pull shit like naming Lott as minority whip, i have to just think: "wow, that did nothing but confirm the prejudice that repubs are racist."

8:33 AM  

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