Wednesday, February 14, 2007

one year later . . .

so to make a long story short, mr. man and i had a lovely thang going on - spent an amazing new year's eve together, went to the inaugural ball together - just an amazing time and the complete opposite of the mess of a whatever it was with the boy.

fast forward to a random evening and the boy text messaged me trying to push back up on me and i flat out, without a second thought turned him down. i found the strength to do that because of how mr. man made me feel.

of course four days later i find out mr. man is boy 2.0 - a liar, selfish, the list goes on and on . . .

so on valentine's day, exactly one year from the day that i sat across from the boy, i realize that the boy and mr. man taught me a lot and i thank them both for that. the grass is always greener, but i'm cool sittin here on the fence until mr. i appreciate you for who you are and want to make you happy comes along.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

update: nov 06 - jan 07

okay, so its been a while . . . sorry for the delay, but i've been making some adjustments and upgrading my life.

new job - check
new long hours to justify the new salary - check
new man - had one and he was a new and improved version of the old, so i let him go

so more on the new man that i had and let go, cause the whole situation was soo blog-alicious . . .

so a few weeks after boy and i went our separate ways, or i showed my not so mature side for the last time, my girl e told me to check out a personality test on one of these not so well know dating web sites. i obliged in an effort to learn a little more about myself and signed up for a temporary (free) profile. within a few days the winks and such trickled in and i was electronically introduced to a very nice young man who spent 6-7 weeks courting me.

details of liar 2.0 - 31, scorpio, 6'3", graduate of the same high school i attended, chocolate and politically aware, which was sooo necessary with the changes i have going on in my life, all and all he was a gentleman til the very end and i appreciated every moment prior to the downfall of the fairytale.

first date: movie and light fare. he was a little uptight, but not at all like the last first date i'd had with seeing that he didn't try to slob me down in the restaurant or invite himself up to my place. we sat in his car for 3 hours (i walked in my apartment at 3:15 AM) talking and swapping dating war stories. nice.

to be continued . . . and it well worth the wait