Friday, June 16, 2006

i'm jumpin this ship . . . ok, not really, but . .

well, i've been outta pocket for the past few weeks - running around getting stuff together for my trip to hawaii!!! put the jealousy aside for a moment, i know you wish you could be on vacation for 13 days, but, listen, this is a family vacation that i've been forced to participate in (wink!) my dad twisted my arm and tricked me into taking several long flights halfway across the country to drink and relax. BOO!!!

well, while i'm in hawaii i'll be pondering the recent turn of events with the boy and 10. diva527 recently inquired about my need for self-inflicted pain, i think her exact words were "you are a glutton for punishment". right now the pain is working out in my favor, so i think i'd have to say i'm more of a immediate gratification kinda girl - like my girl from Gray's Anatomy. either way it goes, i didn't make the little boy want to come to my momma's for sunday dinner or ask me to assist with his fight party or even spend days on end with him while playing playstation, listening to miles davis and eating my world famous lasagna and visiting with my parents.

10 isn't stepping up and i may have some need for attention that must be satisfied. right now that need is being satisfied and i'm keeping my guard up. he and i get each other and i enjoy spending time with someone i can relate to. it is what it is. one day it will all make sense.

so, as i count down the hours to my flight outta the dc area, i'm comforted by the recent fond memories.

bon voyage, and all that jazz, i'll check in periodically, but for the next 13 days i'm officially a lady of leisure.